Sniper Shots?

Become invisible.

To avoid lurid headlines about car crashing, insulin overdoses and houses burning, tech firms will surely   have to embrace higher [security] standards. The Economist, "The Internet of things (to be hacked)"

The Internet of things A world of insecurity

Data: What/Who/Where/When, Privacy, Reputation, Industrial Secrets, Databases, Business.

Recent news have revealed an unsuspected level of vulnerability. Concerns caused by these revelations increasingly accelerate irreversible shifts in the global Tech market. After having "destroyed trust", existing solutions lack the credibility needed to let everyone use the Internet with confidence.

TrustLeap's mission is to guaranty that only authorized personnel, if any, can monitorNetwork supervision
(optional feature)
Regulated activities like finance may be
required to supervise their networks to
detect and defeat fraud attemtps – either
internal or external.
communications: thanks to Global-WAN's post-quantum mathematically-proven security, criminals and foreign powers are kept at bay, despite ubiquitous vulnerabilities in the common critical infrastructure.

To restore trust, there's no substitute to offering the real thing: forever unbreakable trusted security.

"Unbreakable" means resistant to infinite number-crunching power (provably-unbreakable post-quantum encryption). Quantum computers are able to immediately find the result of an algorithm without executing it. This makes legacy encryption – based on mere arithmetic – obsolete.

Despite its name, "Quantum Encryption" (QE) does not encrypt data – it merely does the key-exchange (QKD) on 365/24 physically-protected optical fibers and AES encryption then actually encrypts your data via the Internet. By making encryption provably-unbreakable, TrustLeap makes Quantum Encryption (QE & QKD) much safer.

In the modern age we all need to have complete trust in the basic infrastructure that we all use.
Prof. Paterson, Ryan, Sassone, Schneider, Smart and Dr. Boiten, Danezis, Groth and Hao