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Enter the Global-WAN.

An account is needed to register Global-WAN gates. An account can manage several types of subscriptions.

Some want to pay back to the community by participating to operate the Global-WAN network, like for routing encrypted packets. Others prefer to pay more for not processing someone else's traffic. The quality of service and the features are not affected by this choice (busy gates don't have to do more).

Individuals and enterprises can subscribe to any type of plan. Each of these subscription gives access to different capacities, operating costs per user (space, electricity), and volume discounts:

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    Individual (≤ 3 users per gate)

Monthly in and duration:

    SMALL BUSINESS (≤ 27 users)

Monthly in and duration:

    Enterprise (unlimited users)

Monthly in and duration:

For specific needs, large volumes, rebranded solutions, to sponsor additional features, or for other inquiries, contact us.

The following methods of payment are availble:

  • Bank wire transfer (you will get a Purchase Order or a pro-forma invoice that lists our payment information)
  • Cash (the legal limit in Switzerland for one single cash payment is CHF 100,000)