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 TWD Customers

Since 1998, TWD is successful in various sectors such as High-Tech, Energy, Health-Care, Telecoms, Education, Manufacturing, Finance, Insurance, Aerospace, Defense, Food, Pharma, Transportation, Entertainment, and Consulting:

IBM, Intel, Siemens SBS, Dell, Toshiba, IEEE, HP, Compaq, 3COM, Maxtor, Fujitsu, Alcatel, Honeywell, T-Systems, Telus, Walt Disney Internet, Prodigy, AT&T, Vodafone, Microsoft, MicroGram, Microtech, MicroMedia, CompuSoft, MediaRecovery, Sanchez, Ccmx, Vishay Intertechnology, Konica, Leica Microsystems, Agilent, Analog Devices, AESP, Wells Fargo, ABN AMRO, Great Southern, Borel Bank, Brentwood Bank, Sparkasse, DIMSA, NASA, CNRS, Jet Propulsion Lab., Yale, Cambridge, Cornell, Santa Clara, Palms Springs, United Nations, USDA, NITC, Counties: Los Angeles, Los Alamos, Palm Beach, Berks, Continental Airlines, Syracuse Hancock Airport, QBE Aviation, RailSupply, CREngland, Avis, USAF, US Navy, RAF, Dassault, ARPNSA (Nuclear Agency), Signals Squadron Information, Renault VI, Volvo IT, Porsche, Daimler Chrysler, Continental, TWR, Honda, Toyota, Suzuki, Pharmacia, Biomérieux, Zurich Insurance, Corixa, Addenbrooke Hospital, Harding Hospital, Murphy Hospital, Endemol, MSNBC, PepsiCola, Nestlé, Mattel, CNBC, Channel5, ABC, TVN, Manor, Kone, Suez, Sita, EDF, Vivendi, Radiation Protection and Nuclear Safety Agency, Petrochimica, Yahoo.Com, WorldNet, GlobalStar, Verio, Earthlink, Indosat, 3M International, Realtors, ABC Group, Elstra Call Center, Singer, SanPacific, Schindler, Deloitte Consulting, IDC Inc, KPMG, Arthur Andersen LLP, PricewaterhouseCoopers Ltd, etc.

Erik Back-Andersen, IT Support Dept. / Grene, Denmark
" TWD's products are a great aid in our operations. We have evaluated several products, and chosen yours (for more than 300 users) primarily because of its simplicity in roll-out, its speed and its ease of use."

Brian Mauri / Los Angeles County Counsel
" We have done a roll-out of 450+ machines and TWD's solution is ideal for helping support the network!"

Wayne McMahon
" I have been using TWD Industries' network solution in a small office setting. The small-business pack makes it a wonderful tool for me. Already I have talked with fellow business owners who have the same needs I have and they are eager to use your product! I am happy to recommend its use to them."

Michael Farino / Solus, Inc., San Francisco, California
" I think this product is by far the best network solution out there. I am a Windows Network Consultant working with Fortune 500 companies like Franklin Templeton, Kaiser Permanente, CSAA, Levi Strauss, Wells Fargo, etc. and I will definitely recommend TWD products to all my clients."

Rick Corl, Director of Technical Services / Palm Springs Unified School District, California
" I have personally seen TWD's technology evolve into a solid scalable product. We are now using TWD's solution spanning over 27 school sites and 5,500 clients. TWD Industries is a customer driven company; they listen to our concerns and take action on our feedback. Thank you for being our partner in education!"

Kevin Carpenter, IT Department / C.R. England Trucking, Salt Lake City
" I would just like to say thank you for how well your support is. Each time I ask a question I get an answer within just a few hours. And I also have received answers to questions once they have been discovered, whether it was discovered that same day or a week later. Thanks for having such great support. You make me feel like I am your only customer."

Debbie Timmer, MCSE, Network Administrator / Hardin Memorial Hospital
" I've been very happy with the performance of your produit and the way its been able to allow me to address problems from my desk while still working with other issues instead of having to go to each location and work only on it. This has allowed me to multi-task my work flow so I could be walking someone over the phone through something, while also installing Microsoft Office onto a computer in TWD. I really look forward to new updates in the application, and hope you continue to pace of keeping the product so efficient."

Carl McCampbell, LAN Analyst / OUHSC Robert Bird Library
" I just wanted to let you know that you have a great product and a GREAT SUPPORT STAFF, I just bought TWD products for 100 users and was running Windows and found a major problem. Tech support quickly resolved the problem [24 hours] and gave me 5 free licenses. I love this company!!!"

Paul Potts, Network Systems Manager / Cardinal Aluminum Company, Louisville, KY
" We were testing several remote management solutions (from Intel and others). Both of the products we were testing had a lot of overhead and in some cases were a configuration nightmare. I played around with TWD's product and was amazed at how simple it was to install and to use. It was up an running in a matter of minutes. Actually the simplicity of the product and its installation was almost beyond belief and that made me doubt how it well would work. We purchased a small-business plan first for testing and I have been nothing less than impressed with TWD Industries' product and its support. We chose TWD for our WAN over all the others, not just because it was among the cheapest, but because it was the easiest to use and install. Good work and great product."

Michael Evans / CalPERS (California Public Employees' Retirement System)
" I'm a developer myself, and the thing I find most annoying with software these days is the bulk and complications of installing / removing them. Too many people are just building on other products, resulting in the every popular bulk-ware. Although I still can't believe you fit all of this amazing functionality in just 70K! What are you developing in pure binary? Excellent work!"

Norman Cave-Browne-Cave / Pazap Net Ltd.
" I have never before received such prompt and efficient service from a company whether over the Internet or even face to face before! You and your company are a credit to the meaning of the word "customer service" where you truly treat your customers in the fashion that you would wish to be treated were you the customer instead. Your product works marvelously and you have helped ensure that I, as a customer, can keep on working even after the sort of nightmare I have had when a virus got set loose inside our office network. Thank you again."

William M. Sherrill / Kannapolis, USA
" I did want to write back and thank you for your rapid responses and your much appreciated assistance!!! With all of the vast available good and bad software out there on the Internet, and what's found in Retail Stores throughout, it is refreshingly satisfying to buy a good piece of software whose tech support is willing to stand behind their product in the manner in which you have for me. For that, I truly thank you both and your company as well. Another Satisfied TWD Supporter."

Anonymous, Server Field Engineer / Compaq - Hewlett-Packard
" I work for a leading computer manufacturer Q as a Server Field Engineer, we have a remote access package that we have developed, and your products walk all over ours. Also our software is not priced in the range for a home user who wants to play at home or support a couple of friends over the net. Thank you Thank you Thank you! Thank you for an outstanding bit of software. I have recently been putting TWD's remote access product to the test just to see what its capabilities are after trying many other rivals. And boy you leave them standing! I connected from my friends laptop to my home PC1 then on that PC1 I forced my other PC2 to reach the net on my second line. Once connected I ran a second connection to another friends PC3 and it worked fine! I am so impressed. That's 4 PC's, and the performance was the same as a single RAS or Internet connection! Impressive."

Johannes Beranek, Founder and CTO / Stack GmbH
" I must admit I was already excited the first time I read of your product, but you're still doing a perfect job at improving on this, keeping me surprised many times again. Really, thank you for your great work and for the great support that provides so much value for so little money – looking forward to a bigger plan when all the paperwork and bureaucracy is finally done."

Eric Auzenne, Net/SysAdmin Performance Wheel, LLC / Dante Designs
" I want to say that your products are superior to any other remote access solution on the market today. I have been a staunch user of this product for a few years now and your tireless efforts, updates, and upgrades are second to none. I truly could not live without your amazing software. In this day and Age, remote control sessions are a must, and are mission/system critical to maintain a congruent network environment. Please continue to be the best remote control provider in existence. I vehemently recommend your product to everyone in my industry and remain a loyal and appreciative Network/Systems Administrator to TWD Industries."

Craig Cantrell
" I have been using competing solutions for quite some time. I can really identify with you dealings with Symantec (with I have spent an unbelievable amount of man hours uncovering/resolving problems with both their staff and products... Isn't it amazing how a $100 product can actually cost you tens of thousands of dollars in man hours?"

Ian Boag, Director and IT Manager / Autobuy 2000 Ltd, New Zealand
" I run a business that sells websites to car dealers. We have more than 400 customers. I use TWD Industries products to log into their networks (with their consent) to figure out how to send us a stock list. TWD enables me to instantly access systems behind routers and firewalls. The ability to shift and recycle user access right suits me exactly. It's possible to do this with other products, but enormously more difficult. My customers and I regard TWD Industries solutions as black magic. The key thing is that my customers need to be sure that once I have sorted things out I don't have access to their systems any more. Thanks to TWD's 60-second access rights deployment and instant uninstall I can run their machines (with their consent) and then disappear. This is the only remote access tool that fits the bill for what I am doing here."

Ron Peterka / WA8OOHR, Michigan
" I have installed the new update. It works in real time, just great. I use TWD's product for remote access to my ham radio station, using digital modes. I appreciate the way the product installs without any hassle. Wish all software installed as easily as TWD's. And wish all programmers who write code, could do it as small as your code. Thanks again for all of your efforts."

Anthony Busa / Busacom Corporation
" The quality of your products puts the competition to shame! - wish I had found out about it sooner :-)"

Thomas Smith, Network Administrator / Steel Operations, Newmark International, Inc.
" I have to say that I am very impressed with the simplicity and ease of installation and set-up. TWD has saved me so much time. I work in an office with about 35 computers and have the TWD product Installed for 25 furthest from my desk (with some being more than a football field away). Thank you so much for providing such a great tool at such an outstanding price. You've made my job 10 times easier."

John Chubb, Managing Director / Global Computing Ltd
" I found TWD's product by chance when looking at possible firewall solutions. Many thanks for the support. The upgrade worked fine. I am very impressed with TWD Industries. We have a software company and use Symantec products almost exclusively for support, but with the vastly improved performance and stability of your product I will recommend that we use it instead. I have sent a copy of your manual to our UK office with a recommendation which should result in sales from them also. I have struggled many times with Symantec products, especially in TCP/IP mode and it is a welcome relief to find something that just works without any hassle."

Robert Zanatta, Senior Software Engineer / Absolute Software Corp.
" Thanks for you excellent support - it's refreshing to find support personnel, and a company, that is eager to please."

Stanislav Pachvykin
" Many thanks for your product. I found it more convenient and reliable than HP and Symantec boxes."

Dave Cook, System Administrator / Maxtor, Inc.
" Isn't it nice to have a software company that offers service. I think that major companies have figured they could make more by selling support and don't seem to care if you can't afford their time. I used to work a lot with Windows servers but couldn't stand to call their tech support. [...] They even didn't like calling Microsoft. Have you ever gotten in touch with a support person who seems to only read from a script and has no clue of how to deal with anything that isn't in their book."

Phil Gillam
" I am very surprised (stunned ?) at your response speed [...]. And I don't think many other companies would answer in anywhere near the same time - keep this up !"

Bob McDowell, Senior Software Developer / Compaq / Digital Project Enterprise
" Thanks for getting back to me so fast. TWD's product is of great help: I was getting tired on having to drive in the shut down a service or reboot the server."

PK Shrivastava / Toyota Motor Sales, Inc.
" Wonderful solution!"

Anthony Hicks / Michigan State University
" Amazing product really! It makes other solutions look old and dated."

Paul Johnson, IT Manager / BEI (Brewer Environmental Industries)
" Thank you for your prompt response time. I believe your real market for TWD software is in network management rather than PC to PC, I would like to expand usage to cover the entire company (135 PCs, 5 remote sites, network, ADSL, ISDN, and dial up connections), using it to manage servers and users from work and at home, as would my boss, the CIO. The learning-curve is so small..."

Chris Bartley, Technical Sales / Fujitsu Europe Ltd
" I do appreciate that you are 'breaking the mould' in your support & product offering, more power to your elbow for that!"

Paul Melanson, Systems Administrator / Ontario College of Teachers
" We are an educational organization located in Canada. We have been testing your product and are very happy with the results. We would like to add your remote access application to our 'roll-out' image for our new Workstation desktops. This product from TWD Industries will be a great addition to our Help Desk."

D. J. Bolton / Arcus College Unit GDW
" We used TWD products for a period of time now and it's the best network administrator tool I (we) ever used. We plan to use it for all 125 computers in our organization."

Harpert Bramervaer / JDP-Networx - Arplas Trading
" I really do like your product it gives me EXACTLY what I want easy remote control and hassle free installation. The option to limit access to PC's is fantastic. But also to be able to correct a lot of problems from my home PC, dialing in on the network is terrific."

Paul S. Grupp / Winter Island
" Excellent product! Works exactly as advertised, and has an impressive set of features. I use your products every day! The Technical Support I haven't used it, although a pricing question I had was answered very quickly and completely. Great product -- very useful. I expect that it will be very popular."

Erik Elmgren, Network Administrator / Frimans (Sweden)
" After trying TWD's product I have to say that its one of the most easy to use remote access product on the market today and I NEED IT."

Joey Dimalanta
" Thanks for the swift reply and this kind of service makes me really feel that I have never made a wrong decision buying from TWD Industries. In return, I'm recommending TWD solutions to my colleagues at school and at work and explaining to them that it is much better using your product than other products. More power to you and your products!"

Darren Scala, Computer Help Services / Scala Web Productions
" Wow, thank you very much! I'm basically speechless from your generous gesture [i.e.: a free license for having submitted valuable feedback], and glad I could help enhance an already excellent product. I've had sound technical support from a few select companies over the years, but TWD takes the cake by a long shot. Here's to a long professional relationship between my company and TWD Industries! Thanks again."

Rob Danberger
" I am very impressed, it seems much simpler and faster (and cheaper) than Symantec. I showed it off and my friends seem interested as well. Hope you continue to do well and improve."

Mark Brock / Jefferson High School
" I'm the Tech Cord for Jefferson High School in Tampa, FL and am amazed by your products!"

" I recently got my hands on a friends' TWD's product and it absolutely blew me away. Also, its online documentation is unparalleled. The program itself is rock solid and installation is a breeze. How you guys ever managed to fit such a powerful program into so few bytes of memory is simply magic."

Robert V. Nevans / Connectivity Solutions Inc.
" I tried the product and I liked how fast it was so I got on your web site and purchased one! You have great coders."

Joe Lucas
" I have to further comment your group, TWD's product gets my vote for the best app in the world. I'm very surprised that more people don't know about it. Thanks for a great product."

Andras Bakos /
" Usually I never comment software programs. I try to avoid wasting your crowded time, but this time I have to do an exception. Because I HAD NEVER USED SUCH GOOD, SIMPLE, WELL DESIGNED PROGRAM LIKE TWD's product. I tried out and used other vendors, including Symantec, Intel, CISCO, and so on, to find the best one, and each one has different characteristics. Trying out TWD, I found that it is far the best (most efficient, stable (!), and very well constructed program) I had ever tried to remote some computer. It has so many useful functions, that it wins all the awards front of any other program, really. I had to sit down, and drop a line to tell that your product is simply perfect. I became so enthusiastic that I tested it in every network condition with an IBM Netfinity 3500 server on our corporate network. To sum it up, TWD is Great!!!"

Nicolaus C. Berglmeir / Software Union
" I think TWD's product is very good and promising, even compared to the solution that I'm using currently. The Problem with others is: NO SUPPORT and nobody who cares about 'enhancements'. I have to test several new remote access products for a customer, and so far TWD's is among the best."

Rob Pollan, IT Specialist / Arkansas Adult Learning Resource Center
" We absolutely love TWD's entreprise pack and it couldn't have come at a better time given these high gas prices. It has really cut down on my need to travel, Thanks!!!"